Democracy, Rights and Governance

USAID-Liberia on Democracy, Rights and Governance

USAID is helping build the institutions and processes essential to consolidating Liberia’s democratic gains by providing support for transparent and accountable management of public resources at the national and local levels, domestic resource mobilization, an active and engaged citizenry, strong civil society and media organizations, and targeted peacebuilding efforts.


USAID works with the Government of Liberia to strengthen its capacity and commitment to deliver quality public services to all its citizens.  This includes support to reduce corruption and increase domestic revenue through the formulation of transparent, predictable, and fair revenue policies that are implemented effectively and efficiently.  A key part of improving government performance is enhancing budget transparency and engaging citizens in budget and resource mobilization processes at national and subnational levels.  At the local level, USAID is supporting implementation of the 2018 Local Government Act by providing grants, training, technical assistance, and targeted coaching to county and city government and civil society partners to be more capable, transparent, and responsive to citizens. Click the link below to access full report:

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