Greater accountability and transparency have benefited from a revamped Civil Service Code of Conduct and a Liberian-bred anti-corruption strategy. What is needed now is adoption and application of the code of conduct, as well as the implementation of the anti-corruption strategy.

Over the years IREDD has employed a participatory approach to promoting transparency and accountability in the governance process. However in doing so we mainly focused most of our interventions at the national level not looking critically at macro and sector context at the county and district level governance structures. This in turn failed to provide as with a broader picture.

With this in mind, going forward IREDD will leverage on the passage of the Local Government Act to adopt a bottom up approach in its quest to ensuring that government is accountable and transparent in all its dealing with the citizens from the community level all the way to the national level. Creating platforms for engagements dialogue between government and citizens informed by research and survey evidence. Our work will focus also on urban poverty, building the ability of marginalized urban poor to organize and claim their rights, and to demand strong governance and recognition of their entitlement to critical infrastructure and services. The people most at risk should have most to say about planning. By this we hope to persuade government to formulate policies and programs reflect the needs of its citizens as well as adequately resources its implementation. We will demand appropriate strategies, capacity building for government official, and increased participation of citizens in the governance process at every opportunity. IREDD will also monitor the legislative proceedings, ensuring that representatives adhere to the rules and regulations stipulated as well as are accountable to citizens they represent. Legislators will be sensitized and trained to understand their roles and responsibilities; key issues policy issues and regularly given evidence generated by IREDD in the form of policy briefs, facts sheets and research reports to serve as reference when engaging in deliberations on the floor of the house.

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