Desmond began his professional career as a volunteer with Action Aid International Liberia, providing support to Action Aid’s Youth Development and Local Rights Program in Liberia. He later became a co-founder of Activista-Liberia, a global youth advocacy network for Women and minority Rights. He gained global recognition when he was inaugurated into Women Deliver Young Leaders’ Program in 2018, the World’s biggest promoter of Women Health, Rights, and Well-being.

Desmond is an expert in policy advocacy with over five years’ experience in women political participation and Natural Resource governance. As a Program Associate and Project Manager at the Institute for Research and Democratic Development, Desmond has led several policy engagements with the Legislature to promote accountability, transparency, and good governance in Liberia.

Prince Desmond Gaye was born in exile during the Liberian civil war. He has a BSc. Degree in General Agriculture from the University of Liberia and have since, completed several trainings in leadership, advocacy, and human rights.