The Liberian government and the international community have achieved significant progress in stabilizing the country. However, there remain many loose ends. IREDD in its earlier years focused on strengthening of civil society organizations and other civic structures on human rights, conflict transformation, leadership and peace building issues.

Going forward we will focus our efforts on ethnic conflicts, cross border security as well as community led reconciliation around issues on land and other natural resources and interethnic divide. This direction is informed by the growing pockets of ethnic tensions, deepening of ethnic divides associated with pre-war and war time cleavages and scramble over natural resources whether at the local or national level. IREDD will adopt constructive solution orientated approaches to bring people together across dividing lines to discover and achieve shared goals. We will work with those traditionally in power, women and the youth towards reconstruction and conflict transformation. Our programmatic approaches include mediation, mentoring youth leaders, and back channel diplomacy.

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