Career At IREDD

Our Career Opportunity Policy

IREDD policy on employment opportunities is strong on equal employment to all irrespective of race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, and sexual orientation, gender, nationality, identity among other forms of discrimination. We treat all people with similar standards in recruitment/hiring, training opportunities, salaries, and other compensations or benefits as well as a layoff, and or termination.

Our Stance Towards Recruitment

Because our employees are the foundation for the team we build, we reward employees for helping us succeed. We offer recognition to performing employees with Performance Recognition Gift and it comes in the form of Employee of the Month awards, Staff of the Month awards, and a Staff of the Year award. This is our way of entrenching motivation and ensuring individual staff’s personal ownership of the company’s success.

Our Stance Towards Training and Staff Development

We place a strong premium on the professional development of every single member of our team. We offer all new employees full training of fundamental skills and knowledge needed on the job as well as provide training support for other related training and skills. We encourage continued learning and education with friendly University partners through tuition partial scheme.

Attitude Towards Volunteering

We hold regular tours of our programs and often use the tour to give an opportunity to our volunteers to interact with our stakeholders and beneficiary’s community through engagement events, and dialogues.