Poor and marginalized people can gain control over their own lives by exercising their right to political participation, freedom of expression and information, freedom of assembly and access to justice.

The democratic process and democratic good governance, assured through the rule of law and due process, must remain the pivotal principle of the political process. Institutional credibility must be seen to be transparent and accountable through the political leadership and engagement of civil society. The relevance of civil society must never be diminished or intimidated by the political environment. Civil society must be proactive in engaging the political leadership to ensure that democratic gains are irreversible for the benefit of larger society.

A closer scrutiny of specific issues of the judicial system will reveal important capacity and funding gaps. The judicial system is one of the most under-funded sectors, to this effect IREDD will advocate for increase in budget allocation and judicious use of the existing resources to revamp and strengthen structures. Monitor the justice and security instructions to ensure that they are accountable and responsive in the discharge of their mandate and advocate for reforms within the justice and security sector to safeguard the poor and marginalized in the society so that they know their rights and have access to justice.

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