About iredd

Institute For Research And Democratic Development(IREDD)

Our mission is to make democracy work for the people of Liberia understanding the interdependence between economic empowerment and democratic participation of citizens as the surest way to
promote sustainable democratic debates and dialogue gear towards building a functioning state. Weare doing so through the seven (7) various initiatives below

Our Mission At IREDD

A just, Democratic, and peaceful Liberia


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At our core, participation means actively involving beneficiaries, community members, and stakeholders in the development and delivery of our organization’s programs and services.


We are deeply involved with balancing economic, social, and environmental considerations in the development and implementation of programs and services. We prioritize sustainability to ensure that.

Openness, Transparency

Openness, transparency, and accountability promote trust and credibility in an NGO’s work.

Gender Sensitivity / Inclusiveness

We recognize that individuals and groups have different experiences and needs based on their gender identity and ensuring that these differences are acknowledged and addressed in a respectful and equitable manner.


Because we prioritize justice, we work to empower marginalized and vulnerable communities by providing access to education, healthcare, legal aid, and other services.

Equity and Equality for All

We treat everyone the same and ensure that all individuals and groups have the same access to opportunities, resources, and services. This involves removing barriers that prevent individuals from accessing these opportunities and working to eliminate discrimination and prejudice based on factors.

Our Career Opportunity Policy

Our Career Opportunity Policy IREDD policy on employment opportunities is strong on equal employment to all irrespective of race, color, sex, religion, age, disability, and sexual orientation, gender, nationality, identity among other forms of discrimination. We treat all people with similar standards in recruitment/hiring, training opportunities, salaries, and other compensations or benefits as well as a layoff, and or termination.