Our mission is to make democracy work for the people of Liberia understanding the interdependence between economic empowerment and democratic participation of citizens as the surest way to
promote sustainable democratic debates and dialogue gear towards building a functioning state. Weare doing so through the seven (7) various initiatives below


Liberian Legislative Performance Report: Insights by IREDD

Explore comprehensive reports assessing the performance of Liberian lawmakers, meticulously evaluated by IREDD. Gain valuable insights into legislative activities, effectiveness, and contributions to national development. Stay informed and engaged with our detailed analyses, empowering citizens with knowledge to drive accountability and positive change.
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IREDD launch Climate Change & Sustainable Development Program

IREDD’s program, with the mission to promote environmentally sustainable governance and empower communities, aims to build a strong climate-resilient culture across Liberia. Their vision is for Liberian communities to be actively engaged in sustainable development, integrating environmental considerations into practices for a sustainable future. To achieve this, IREDD will collaborate with stakeholders to conduct research, raise awareness, and advocate for policy changes.

Mission is Give for People

IREDD Investigation Unveils Truth Behind Deadly Clashes in Mining Community

Dive into the findings of IREDD’s thorough investigation, shedding light on the events surrounding the recent clashes in the mining community. Gain insights into the factors at play and the implications for civil and human rights in the region. Explore our comprehensive report to understand the truth behind the turmoil.

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