VAWG Project

Women and girls are exposed to structural and cultural violence within the society they grow up. Adult women often feel threatened economically in Liberia! as they often feel dependent on men for money and protection and might therefore not be able to leave abusive relationships. Although a new inheritance law entitles women to gain a parcel of their husband’s land after his death, or to inherit land from their parents, they are often denied this right. As society in the intervention area still very misogynous, girls and boys are socialized to believe that girls have a lower status and fewer rights than boys do. This creates a psychological and economic vulnerability of girls and women, making them feel dependent on men. Teenage pregnancies are numerous and hindering many girls from going to school and is further aggravating their poverty situation. Violence against girls in the education sector is a common, but unaddressed problem in Liberia. The stereotypes against women who have been raped or who are victims of domestic violence are so strong that women and girls are blamed for what happened to them and cannot easily find solidarity.

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