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Advocacy for the Passage of the Revenue Sharing Bill of Liberia

The Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) extends thanks and appreciation to H.E. President George Weah, and the legislature of Liberia for the passage and signing into law the revenue-sharing bill (RSB). Also, our thanks go to the Governance Commission, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the UNDP for the initiative and support.

The revenue sharing bill seeks to transfer from the central government’s revenue envelop to local governments for developmental activities across the country, the RSB now law supports the government’s decentralization drive of governance.
The revenue-sharing law provides a formula for sharing the nation’s natural resource revenues between the Central Government and Local Governments, as well as between Local Governments and sub-local government units; and creates incentives for the effective and efficient administration of Local Governments, helping expand domestic revenue mobilization in the counties.

IREDD, also recognizes media institutions for the advocacy efforts that have enabled the passage and signing into law Liberia’s first Revenue Sharing Law.

Together we can always do better for Liberia

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